• Fanta White Peach
  • Fanta White Peach

Fanta White Peach

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500ML Super exotic soda from Japan discontinued in April 2021. Get them while they last!

MOST cans are dented. This is due to them coming all the way from Japan.

Each order contains one Soda and will be packaged well!

Do you accept returns?

We only accept returns for damaged items.

Is my information safe?

Yes, we are powered by Shopify and their payment processors. All traffic to TheSnackWiz website is automatically encrypted. Customer data is hosted on secure and expertly maintained servers, behind firewalls.

Why would anyone buy snacks online?

Convenience and ease of mind. Our customers buy from us because they know we keep their favorite snacks stocked. Can't find some of these snacks in any of the stores around you.

Do you ever release new snacks or beverages?

We sure do! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter.